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Chen L.-L., Bindereif A., Bozzoni I., Chang H.Y., Matera A.G., Gorospe M., Hansen T.B., Kjems J., Ma X.-K., Pek J.W., Rajewsky N., Salzman J., Wilusz J.E., Yang L., Zhao F.
A guide to naming eukaryotic circular RNAs
Nature Cell Biology, vol. 25, (no. 1), pp. 1-5
Pellegrini F., Padovano V., Biscarini S., Santini T., Setti A., Galfre S.G., Silenzi V., Vitiello E., Mariani D., Nicoletti C., Torromino G., De Leonibus E., Martone J., Bozzoni I.
A KO mouse model for the lncRNA Lhx1os produces motor neuron alterations and locomotor impairment
iScience, vol. 26, (no. 1)
Perego E., Zappone S., Slenders E., Castagnetti F., Vitiello E., Mariani D., Mecarelli L.S., Bozzoni I., Vicidomini G.
Comprehensive fluorescence lifetime fluctuation spectroscopy to investigate protein mobility during aggregation processes in living cells
Biophysical Journal, vol. 122, (no. 3S1), pp. 16a-17a
Perego E., Zappone S., Slenders E., Castagnetti F., Vitiello E., Mariani D., Mecarelli S. L., Bozzoni I., Vicidomini G.
Comprehensive Fluorescence Lifetime Fluctuation Spectroscopy to investigate protein mobility during aggregation processes in living cells
67th Biophysical Society annual meeting
Abstract Report Conference
Dattilo D., Di Timoteo G., Setti A., Giuliani A., Peruzzi G., Beltran Nebot M., Centron-Broco A., Mariani D., Mozzetta C., Bozzoni I.
The m6A reader YTHDC1 and the RNA helicase DDX5 control the production of rhabdomyosarcoma-enriched circRNAs
Nature Communications, vol. 14, (no. 1)
Carvelli A., Setti A., Desideri F., Galfre S.G., Biscarini S., Santini T., Colantoni A., Peruzzi G., Marzi M.J., Capauto D., Di Angelantonio S., Ballarino M., Nicassio F., Laneve P., Bozzoni I.
A multifunctional locus controls motor neuron differentiation through short and long noncoding RNAs
EMBO Journal, vol. 41, (no. 13)
Nielsen A.F., Bindereif A., Bozzoni I., Hanan M., Hansen T.B., Irimia M., Kadener S., Kristensen L.S., Legnini I., Morlando M., Jarlstad Olesen M.T., Pasterkamp R.J., Preibisch S., Rajewsky N., Suenkel C., Kjems J.
Best practice standards for circular RNA research
Nature Methods, vol. 19, (no. 10), pp. 1208-1220
Rossi F., Beltran M., Damizia M., Grelloni C., Colantoni A., Setti A., Di Timoteo G., Dattilo D., Centron-Broco A., Nicoletti C., Fanciulli M., Lavia P., Bozzoni I.
Circular RNA ZNF609/CKAP5 mRNA interaction regulates microtubule dynamics and tumorigenicity
Molecular Cell, vol. 82, (no. 1), pp. 75-89.e9
Beltran M., Rossi F., Bozzoni I.
CircZNF609 as a prototype to elucidate the biological function of circRNA-mRNA interactions
Molecular and Cellular Oncology, vol. 9, (no. 1)
Perego E., Zappone S., Slenders E., Vitiello E., Castagnetti F., Bozzoni I., Vicidomini G.
Enhancing fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy methods to unveil the dynamical interaction of RNA-binding proteins during the formation of stress granules in living cells
XXVI Congresso Nazionale SIBPA 2022
Abstract Report Conference
Scalzitti S., Mariani D., Setti A., Colantoni A., Lisi M., Bozzoni I., Martone J.
Lnc-SMaRT Translational Regulation of Spire1, A New Player in Muscle Differentiation
Journal of Molecular Biology, vol. 434, (no. 2)
Mariani D., Castagnetti F., Vitiello E., Stufera Mecarelli L., di Timoteo G., Setti A., Rea J., Bozzoni I.
Shipped to the wrong address: the impact of ALS-related FUS mutations on the subcellular RNA localization and membrane-less compartments composition
Gordon Research Conference - Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation
Poster Conference
Vitiello E., Mariani D., Castagnetti F., Stufera Mecarelli L., Tollis P., Laneve P., Caffarelli E., Bozzoni I.
”Stressing” the importance of live imaging to study RNA dynamics: use of fluorescent RNA aptamers to investigate the role of non-coding RNAs in neurodegeneration
21st International European Light Microscopy Initiative Meeting
Poster Conference
Dobrowolny G., Martone J., Lepore E., Casola I., Petrucci A., Inghilleri M., Morlando M., Colantoni A., Scicchitano B.M., Calvo A., Bisogni G., Chio A., Sabatelli M., Bozzoni I., Musaro A.
A longitudinal study defined circulating microRNAs as reliable biomarkers for disease prognosis and progression in ALS human patients
Cell Death Discovery, vol. 7, (no. 1)
D'Ambra E., Santini T., Vitiello E., D'Uva S., Silenzi V., Morlando M., Bozzoni I.
Circ-Hdgfrp3 shuttles along neurites and is trapped in aggregates formed by ALS-associated mutant FUS
iScience, vol. 24, (no. 12)