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Focchi M., Roscia F., Semini C.
Locosim: An Open-Source Cross-Platform Robotics Framework
Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol. 811, pp. 395-406
Barasuol V., Emre S., Semini C.
Stair-Climbing Charts: On the Optimal Body Height for Quadruped Robots to Walk on Stairs
Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol. 810 LNNS, pp. 251-262
DOI 10.1007/978-3-031-47269-5_24 Conference Paper Book Series
Gamba J.D., Arpenti P., Ruggiero F., Semini C.
An Effective Robotic End-Effector Engagement Approach for Automated Grapevine Pruning on a Quadrupedal Manipulator
5th Italian Conference in Robotics and Intelligent Machines
Abstract Report Conference
Abdalla A., Focchi M., Orsolino R., Semini C.
An Efficient Paradigm for Feasibility Guarantees in Legged Locomotion
IEEE Transactions on Robotics
Bertol D. W., Fink G., Nisticò Y., Cerilli G., Marchitto M., Semini C.
A Practical Real-Time Distributed Software Framework for Mobile Robots
Second Workshop on Quality and Reliability Assessment of Robotic Software Architectures and Components, ICRA 2023 Workshop
Poster Conference
Milburn L., Gamba J., Fernandes M., Semini C.
Computer-Vision Based Real Time Waypoint Generation for Autonomous Vineyard Navigation with Quadruped Robots
2023 IEEE International Conference on Autonomous Robot Systems and Competitions, ICARSC 2023, pp. 239-244
Barasuol V., Villa M., Marchitto M., Cerilli G., Semini C.
Controlled Sliding Locomotion for Legged Rovers on Steep Terrain During Space Exploration
17th Symposium on Advanced Space Technologies in Robotics and Automation
Conference Paper Conference
Ordoñez-Apraez D., Kostic V., Turrisi G., Novelli P., Mastalli C., Semini C., Pontil M.
Dynamics Harmonic Analysis of Robotic Systems: Application in Data-Driven Koopman Modelling
Report E-print Archive
Takahashi C., Lennox B., Semini C., Giuliani M., Park Y.S., Hamel W.R.
Editorial: Robotics in extreme environments, volume II
Frontiers Robotics AI, vol. 10
Parosi R., Risiglione M., Caldwell D.G., Semini C., Barasuol V.
Kinematically-Decoupled Impedance Control for Fast Object Visual Servoing and Grasping on Quadruped Manipulators
IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, pp. 6411-6418
Bratta A., Focchi M., Rathod N., Semini C.
Optimization-Based Reference Generator for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Legged Robots
Robotics, vol. 12, (no. 1)
Roscia F., Cumerlotti A., Del Prete A., Semini C., Focchi M.
Orientation Control System: Enhancing Aerial Maneuvers for Quadruped Robots
Sensors, vol. 23, (no. 3)
Taouil I., Turrisi G., Schleich D., Barasuol V., Semini C., Behnke S.
Quadrupedal Footstep Planning Using Learned Motion Models of a Black-Box Controller
IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, pp. 800-806
Roscia F., Focchi M., Del Prete A., Caldwell D.G., Semini C.
Reactive Landing Controller for Quadruped Robots
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters
Omar S., Amatucci L., Barasuol V., Turrisi G., Semini C.
SafeSteps: Learning Safer Footstep Planning Policies for Legged Robots via Model-Based Priors
IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots