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Guarischi M., Hu Y., Kurt A.B., Zanchi S., Barth E., Gori M.
A machine learning approach to unveil balance behavior through aging with an auditory cue
IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements and Applications (MeMeA)
Conference Paper Conference
Shafique S., Setti W., Del Bue A., Campus C., Zanchi S., Beltran C., Luca Bailo G., Gori M.
Effect of non-visual Cues on Spatial Navigation Abilities
Poster Conference
Shafique S., Setti W., Campus C., Zanchi S., Del Bue A., Gori M.
How path integration abilities of blind people change in different exploration conditions
Frontiers in Neuroscience, vol. 18
Article Journal
Zanchi S., Montagnani E., Gori M.
Verticality perception and balance with no vision: a pilot study
International Multisensory Research Forum
Poster Conference
Zanchi S., Cuturi L. F., Sandini G., Gori M., Ferrè E. R.
Environmental Landmarks for Vestibular Self-motion Perception
XXIX Congresso dell’Associazone Italiana di Psicologia - Sezione Sperimentale
Abstract Report Conference